Thursday, September 1, 2011

Updated and important info...

We want to thank all the Middle Bass businesses and residents for their support of the Town Hall and the Advisory Board this year.  Special thanks to all who provided their time and made donations (monetary, baked goods and raffle basket items) to the Hall.  WE REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT!

The Town Hall Advisory Board accomplishments this year include: Building Improvements (new ceiling fans and new windows), Communication Improvements (Spring newsletter, new outdoor bulletin board, and improved updates via facebook, gazette &, Committee Formation (planning board, island picnic, kids activities, historical information collection), Fundraising Efforts (bricks, flags, cookbooks, yard sale, barbershop raffle and bake sale).
Thank you to Gordy Barr for working on the Town Hall Advisory Board this past year.  We truly appreciate all your time and effort. 
Congratulations and welcome to Barb Nostrant who was elected to the Town Hall Advisory Board at our annual meeting.  Barb has a 3 year term and will serve as the Secretary.  Teddi Pertner will continue to serve as the President (2 years remain on her term) and Marie Rader will be the Treasurer (1 year remains on her term).

MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR OUR BIG EVENTS NEXT SUMMER:Hook, Line & Sinker Auction - Saturday, July 28, 2012
Middle Bass Island Picnic - Saturday, August 18, 2012

PLEASE remember to support the Town Hall levy renewal on the ballot this November.  We need the tax money to fund new projects as well as continue to maintain the Hall (New projects may include new front entryway, attic fan, benches and landscaping around playground, popcorn machine & projector for movie nights, window curtains...) 

Minutes to 2011 meeting....

Middle Bass Town Hall Board Meeting  Minutes
August 20, 2011, 9:00 a.m.

Teddi Pertner (President) called the meeting to order.   The Town Hall Board Members present were:  Marie Rader (Secretary and Treasurer) and Carrie Schneider (Trustee).   The following individuals attended the open meeting:  Vincent & Theresa Peterson, Dianne Demer, Todd Rader, Mary Roesch, Dave & Barb Nostrant, Marianne Manderbach, Chris Zeitler, Chuck & Betty Dasher, Jay & Teddi Musson, Harry & Cheryl Andrist, Dee Tallon, Mary Lou Steinbauer and Karen Cummings.
Previous meeting minutes were available for reading by the Secretary.  A motion made by Chris Zeitler to not read last year’s minutes.  The motion was seconded by Dave Nostrant and then passed by the participants.  The Board stressed that the minutes are printed on the table and can be emailed to anyone interested. 
Officer Reports
Teddi Pertner reminded the audience of the Duties of the Advisory Board as defined in the Middle Bass Hall By-Laws.
1.       To provide maintenance of building and grounds.
2.       To provide sufficient funds for payment of all bills: utilities, taxes, insurance, etc.
3.       To establish rental and/or donation policies for use of the Hall.
4.       To fulfill requests so voted on at the annual meeting or special meeting of the Hall.
Teddi Pertner provided an overview of all activities in the Hall this past year.
·         In September the attic was cleaned out and items were sold at the Yard Sale in July.
·         Carl Thomas and Melanie Holden installed new ceiling fans, cleaned the outside of the hall and replaced 3 broken windows.
·         Thank you to Karl Schmidlin for the opening and closing of the Hall as well as quick response to repair “raccoon” grates on side of building.
·         Formalized bids were done for lawn care and windows.  With regard to the lawn care bid, the Board decided that we needed to require liability insurance so that the Hall is properly protected in the event of an accident.  We discussed the proper levels with the Hall’s insurance agent.  We received 1 bid for lawncare and it was awarded to Robin Glauser.  She has the proper insurance required by the bid and her policy allows for additional family members to mow the lawn as required.
·         We made a few simple image improvements – we simply moved the garbage cans to back of building and returned the Pepsi machine (and pop) to have a “clean” look which was suggested by a contact at the Historical Society.
·         A few people have mentioned that Pepsi was going to provide us with a new scoreboard. Since a new scoreboard never arrived this season, we asked Janet Stern to repaint the sign and keep our “old fashioned” theme.  The Board plans to get a sign saying “Swisher Field.”  Carrie Schneider verified that the land was purchased from Walt Swisher through fundraising by the Town Hall and the field is indeed named “Swisher Field.”
·         In an effort to improve communication based on feedback at last year’s meeting, we share information via Facebook (Chris Zietler), MiddleBass.Org (Mike & Jean Gora), Gazette (Gordon Barr), Spring Newsletter and our new Bulletin Board.
·         Town Hall was used for “rent” for weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, kids camps, art show and barbershoppers this year.
·         With respect to Senior Center & softball transportation, we have talked with Marv Booker about getting reduced rates.  You will need to sign up in order to get the reduced rates.  The Senior Center activity list is posted on our Bulletin Board.
·         Regarding softball, the Town Hall pays for the team’s entry fee into the league.  The hotdog sales are for the team to pay for tshirts etc.  Jim Roesch has been paying the transportation fees for the team.
·         We are still selling cookbooks at the General Store and at the Yacht Club by Butch.
·         The lending library is open on Wednesdays.  Thanks to Lois Paul for keeping it open.
·         Barbershop Weekend was another success.  Thank you to Mary Roesch for donating the quilt which generated a great deal of money and was won by Lois Paul.  Thank you to everyone who worked at the event and donated items for the gift baskets and bakery for the evening.  A special thanks to Marie Rader for running the evening on behalf of the Board.
Treasurer Report
·         A Financial Report was distributed to the audience by the Treasurer.  Thanks were given to Chris Zietler for a wonderful turnover and being available to answer any and all questions.
·         We have $59,573.18 in reserves as of August 11, 2011.   We receive the majority of our money from the tax levy.  Our levy is on the November ballot this year and we need the continued support to fund some of our projects next year like new front stairs (for safety and they are crumbling a little on the sides).   Chris Zietler clarified that this a renewal of a tax levy; it will not increase the amount of tax anyone pays.
·         The Board funded major projects/improvements: new ceiling fans, a laptop & printer, bulletin board and new windows for the Hall. 
·         The Board plans to work with an accountant and/or lawyer in Ottawa County to ensure that we are properly identified as a community building.  We hope to avoid paying property tax next year once we fill out the proper paperwork with authorities.
Old Business
Windows – Complete.
·         The windows were replaced by Lowes.  The cost to fully restore the windows was double that of new windows.  The committee felt that new windows with a warranty and no need for maintenance would be in the best interest of the Hall.
·         The bid was published in the Gazette, Port Clinton paper and on our facebook page. 
·         A special bid meeting was held in early April to allow contractors to see the job.
Front Steps – Tabled.
·         The steps are tabled until next year.  Roman Sapecki will chair a committee to propose the new look perhaps as early as next summer.
Town Hall Levy – Renewal on November 2011 ballot
·         As previously discussed, it will be on this November’s ballot.  Carrie Schneider indicated that it is important for us to support the levy so we don’t want to have to rely on fundraising efforts like they had to in the past and also to allow us to keep our Middle Bass identity intact.
New Business
Volunteer Meeting & Committee Formation
·         We were pleased to have people agree to volunteer and head committees for next summer.  The Board’s goal was to develop the committees this year and have activities ready for Summer 2012. 
·         Planning Board (Chair: Roman Sapecki) is being formed to look at the long term view of the Hall and its role on the Island.  Our hope is to schedule their first meeting in September 2011.
·         Kids Activities Committee will host movie or game nights weekly next year between the Nature Camp and Fine Arts Camp.  We have volunteers but not formal Chair.
·         Historical Information Collection Committee still needs a Chair but has volunteers willing to help.
·         Island Directory: Barb Nostrant is working on a directory from our Town Hall list that we sent newsletters to last year, the Island “subdivisions” and a list from Kelly Haltermann.  If you did not receive a newsletter last year, please update your address at the Middle Bass Post Office or contact Barb.
·         Island Picnic: August 18, 2012.  Chairpersons are Lynne Gill and Bob Cummings.  The plan is to have kids games, horseshoes, a pot luck dinner and more so they will need a lot of volunteers.
·         Adult and Child Art Classes.  Todd Rader asked the question during the Treasurer report and it was discussed here.  There are offers to have a textile, ceramic and watercolor classes during the summer next year.  The Board will work with the School Board to see if we can coordinate “housing” the classes in both buildings next year.  It would be a wonderful addition to the camps already provided on the island.
Fundraising Efforts 2011
·         Thank you to all those who supported the Town Hall this year.  We sold bricks, cookbooks and flags.  We also had a yard sale to help us make money.
·         The Board has decided that there will not be 50/50 and quilt raffle next summer as we want the island to fully support the Hook, Line & Sinker event on July 28, 2012.  We do plan to reinstitute the Barbershop 50/50 raffle.
Hall Plans for 2012
·         Hook Line & Sinker Auction: July 28, 2012.  Mary Roesch is the Chair.  The event will benefit the Town Hall, Volunteer Fire Department and Stein Hospice.  This will be the Town Hall’s major fundraiser next year.   Mary Roesch asked for donations and art that can be auctioned in the silent or live auction.  The theme is “fish.”
·         Island Picnic: August 18, 2012.  This will be an “old-fashioned” island wide picnic – similar to those held on July 4th at the Middle Bass Club and the ones held at the Hall in the past.  It will be potlock and have games/activities for all ages.
·         Dave Nostrant asked that we have a modest sign out front to highlight upcoming Hall events.
Election of a New Board Member
·         Gordon Barr who is up for re-election has decided not to run.  We asked for nominations from the floor.  Betty Dasher nominated Barb Nostrant who said she would run for the position.  No other nominations were made by the floor.  The President called for a vote and it was a unanimous approval for Barb Nostrant.  Thank you and Welcome.  She has a 3 year term.
·         Island Clean Up Day: September 24th is cancelled due to lack of support
·         Marianne Manderbach thanked Teddi Pertner for providing a wonderful breakfast for the meeting today.  She also said that the Barbershop evening was lovely and that even with low barbershop attendance it was wonderful and made her proud to be from Middle Bass.
·         Dave Nostrant made a motion to adjourn.  It was seconded by Chris Zieler. 
·         The President officially adjourned the meeting and asked participants to enjoy the breakfast provided and thanked everyone for their continued support of the Town Hall.