Thursday, September 1, 2011

Updated and important info...

We want to thank all the Middle Bass businesses and residents for their support of the Town Hall and the Advisory Board this year.  Special thanks to all who provided their time and made donations (monetary, baked goods and raffle basket items) to the Hall.  WE REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT!

The Town Hall Advisory Board accomplishments this year include: Building Improvements (new ceiling fans and new windows), Communication Improvements (Spring newsletter, new outdoor bulletin board, and improved updates via facebook, gazette &, Committee Formation (planning board, island picnic, kids activities, historical information collection), Fundraising Efforts (bricks, flags, cookbooks, yard sale, barbershop raffle and bake sale).
Thank you to Gordy Barr for working on the Town Hall Advisory Board this past year.  We truly appreciate all your time and effort. 
Congratulations and welcome to Barb Nostrant who was elected to the Town Hall Advisory Board at our annual meeting.  Barb has a 3 year term and will serve as the Secretary.  Teddi Pertner will continue to serve as the President (2 years remain on her term) and Marie Rader will be the Treasurer (1 year remains on her term).

MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR OUR BIG EVENTS NEXT SUMMER:Hook, Line & Sinker Auction - Saturday, July 28, 2012
Middle Bass Island Picnic - Saturday, August 18, 2012

PLEASE remember to support the Town Hall levy renewal on the ballot this November.  We need the tax money to fund new projects as well as continue to maintain the Hall (New projects may include new front entryway, attic fan, benches and landscaping around playground, popcorn machine & projector for movie nights, window curtains...) 

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